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K2 Insulation Layering Gloves

K2 Insulation Layering Gloves

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- Metros 3-4 days
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- Rest of India 4-6 days


Inner Layering Gloves under Summit Gloves or isolation use in mild winters

Crafted for versatility, these single-layered Alpine Series gloves offer essential insulation for mild cold and act as an inner layer beneath Sherpa winter gloves in harsh conditions. Soft and snug, they provide comfort at 5°C and essential warmth as a base layer in sub-zero temperatures. | Versatile for mild to extreme cold | Single-layered, soft insulation | Ideal as a standalone or base layer | Comfortable in 5°C weather | Enhances warmth under winter gloves.


- These are specialty gloves designed to give you warmth as well as the luxury of working on your phone
- Inner has a fur finishing to give you the extra warmth by retaining heat
- Perfect to still give a look of style , fashion and functionality


- Camp
- Hike & Trek
- Ski & Snowboarding


This gloves can be used independenly on insulation under extreme cold gloves

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