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K2 Melange Trekking Tshirt

K2 Melange Trekking Tshirt

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High Stretch 240 GSM Thick T shirt suitable for 5C to subzero temperatures

Explore the heights in comfort with the Gokyo Trekking T-Shirt - SHERPA SERIES, constructed from a soft rugged stretch 240 GSM fabric for peak warmth in extreme cold conditions. This essential product for outdoor and adventure enthusiasts in cold weather includes a high neck cover styling, purposefully designed to provide a barrier against the harsh, biting winds. | 240 GSM fabric for superior insulation | High neck cover styling for wind protection | Odor-resistant for enduring freshness | Minimal ironing required, easy to care for | Sharp outdoor aesthetic for a stylish adventure look | Can be used as a base layer | Engineered for trekkers, mountaineers, and outdoor adventurers | Sturdy build for the demands of outdoor travel


- Extra high neck thick collar
- Heat retention with heavy brushed inner side
- Extra soft spandex content
- Wrist cover for sunburn and warmth
- Classy styled for seasoned trekkers


- Good to zero to -5 degrees with additional layer
- Can work as base layer too


- 240 GSM brushed polyester elastane stretch

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